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The City of Bath is one of the most fascinating cities in the country. First and foremost it is well known for its Roman remains. Hadrian's Wall in the north of England and the Roman baths in this city are the most outstanding Roman remains in the country. The City of Bath has originated and developed around its hot spring waters, hence its name.

The Roman Influence

It is a city with a remarkable variety of Roman, medieval and Georgian architecture. It also has much in common with the nearby Cotswolds; its architectural gems are of the same golden coloured stone.The origins of the city are shrouded in mystery and legend. Two of the city's spas have statues of Bladud, son of Hudibras, the eighth king of the Britons. Legend would have it that it was he who founded the city in 863 BC.

The Legend

According to the legend, after contracting leprosy, he was banished from court and lived as a swineherd in the marshes. One of the pigs also contracted leprosy but was cured after wallowing in the mud near the springs. Prince Bladud did the same and he, too, was cured and returned to court. When he became king he moved his court to the place of his cure and called it Aquae Sulis, Waters of the Sun.

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City of Bath
City of Bath
City of Bath

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